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Our Services

Traffic and Road Safety

TraffMobility's traffic engineering practice leaders have over 60 years of combined experience in the industry, providing a full range of traffic operations, construction management, and road safety services to public and private sector clients.

Transport Modelling

TraffMobility has extensive experience in developing multi-resolution transportation models to support a variety of studies including local mobility plans as well as corridor and network studies.

Crowd Simulation

TraffMobility is comprised of renowned industry experts who specialize in pedestrian modelling and crowd movement analysis.

Strategic Planning

The success of our planning practice is driven by forward-thinking, implementable, and sustainable solutions. Our versatile background and skillsets in both planning and engineering allow us to approach complex urban challenges from a multi-disciplinary perspective.

Road Design

The TraffMobility team specializes in traffic management and municipal road designs including active transportation.

Intelligent Transportation Solutions

We are leaders in the planning, design, and implementation of Intelligent Transportation Solutions (ITS).

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