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Our Story

We are a group of mobility management experts that incorporate innovation and technologies into our solutions. 

All senior consultants who previously worked at large transportation consulting firms in Canada and overseas, our leaders share a commitment to designing transportation systems as a way to promote greater equity, diversity, and inclusiveness in our communities.

Since our inception, we have been actively forming strategic partnerships with academia, industry experts, and other vendors to re-imagine new concepts and approaches to solving mobility challenges for local municipalities.

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We are known to be...





Our President, Rudy Sooklall, has built his career upon the passion of applying continuous learning to develop engineered solutions.


This drive has resulted in Rudy embracing the opportunity to lead TraffMobility with a mission to partner with technology vendors and academia in developing cutting-edge solutions.


We help you solve mobility challenges to address smart cities implementation, road safety, and transportation equity.

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