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Integrated Engineering and Technology Services

TraffMobility is a multi-disciplinary engineering and planning consulting firm providing services to municipalities, agencies, developers and other commercial clients. Our team's agility allows us to respond to the market needs by integrating emerging technology trends into developing effective and resilient solutions.

Experts in Mobility Management 

TraffMobility develops innovative, smart, economical, resilient mobility solutions to optimize transportation infrastructure for our clients. Our astute knowledge in multidisciplinary projects, challenges pertaining to infrastructure projects allow us to truly comprehend how emerging technology can be leveraged to make smarter, well-informed and data-driven decisions


Intelligent Transportation Solutions (ITS)

Our team optimizes transportation infrastructure through smart mobility solutions. ITS experts in our team has international experience on mobility management for implementing adaptive and non-adaptive traffic control systems as well as congestion management for multimodal transportation systems. 

Transport Modelling

We help clients to make more smarter and more informed decisions on solving mobility challenges. Our professionals use the latest technologies to deliver functional and implementable solutions to move people, goods safely and efficiently. Our team has delivered complex infrastructure projects utilizing multi-level resolution dynamic modelling (macro, meso and micro) for private and public sector clients for over 20 years. 

City Landscape

Strategic Planning

The team is comprised of professional engineering and planners that provide visionary but implementable solutions for strategic planning projects such as transportation master plans, secondary planning studies, micro-mobility studies, transit service planning studies and disaster response management.

Crowd Simulation

We have been industry leaders in the realm of crowd movement analytics and pedestrian simulation with more than 10 years of global experience. Our experts have delivered complex pedestrian simulation projects for transit station design, transit service planning, special event venues, emergency egress, construction phasing, faregate implementation, transport strategies for major sports events, and architectural designs.


Geospatial Solutions

Understanding the spatial landscape of the communities and transportation system is fundamental to the successful delivery of infrastructure projects. Our team has deep experiences managing Big Data and developing customized GIS solutions to support more intelligent, faster decisions and optimize solutions.  

Design Advisory Services

The senior engineers at TraffMobility has provided advisory services for major infrastructure design projects and high profile P3 design-build including light rail transit implementation. We are hands-on program managers who have direct experience with the entire design lifecycle from preliminary design through tenders (IFCs) and construction.


Traffic and Safety Engineering Services

Our traffic engineering practice helps public and private sector clients to optimize existing transportation operations and enhance road safety. We have a team of traffic and safety specialists to provide a full range of traffic and safety engineering services including:

  • Traffic Impact Studies

  • Operations Analysis

  • Roundabout Analysis

  • Signal System Designs

  • Transit Signal Priority

  • Parking Studies

  • In-Service Road Safety Reviews

  • Human Factors Assessment

  • Network Screening

  • Development of Safety Performance Functions