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Why Choose TraffMobility?

Our client-centric business approach:

We understand

the client needs

Apply innovation and new ideas

Integrate technologies

Offer valued-added
services / approaches

The founding mission for TraffMobility is to bridge the gap between research and industry applications, enabling us to identify ways to manage the disruptions in technologies for smart infrastructure planning. We focus on approaches that combine emerging technologies with our industry knowledge, resulting in pilot studies that also address issues of social responsibility, equity and inclusion.

Over 50 Years of Combined Experience

Our experts have been providing professional consulting services to clients in Canada, the United States, Europe and UAE. From traffic engineering to strategic planning, our focus is always on building an efficient and results-driven relationship.


We work with our clients to develop tailored and innovative solutions that lead to successful outcomes. 


Technology Integration

Our corporate focus is to deliver comprehensive, integrated mobility solutions for a wide range of transportation studies, infused with cutting-edge technologies.

We manage the disruptions in technologies by combining latest research with practical industry knowledge.

Collaborative. Dedicated. Agile. 

​Our agility is built upon the collaboration amongst our staff, empowering each other to deliver the best-quality of work, and commitment to innovation. We embrace diversity in sharing ideas, challenging one another and striving for creative solutions. 

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Design Studio

A People-centric Company Culture

TraffMobility cultivates a workplace environment of continuous improvement, innovation and initiative.

The management team works closely with employees to channel the innovative energy to solve specific client needs in the industry.

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