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Traffic Management Design Services for PLFP

TraffMobility is leading the road design for the closure of existing Cherry Street between Lake Shore Boulevard E and Villiers Street in support of the Port Lands Flood Protection (PLFP) project.



Ellis Don


Traffic Management Design
Detailed Engineering Design &


Traffic Management Design
Functional Design
Detailed Design
Tender Package
Construction Coordination

​This design is required to facilitate the removal of the existing Cherry Street Bridge over the Keating Channel. The bridge removal is scheduled to occur after the opening of the New Cherry Street connection at Lake Shore Boulevard E.

This is a highly complex design assignment given the high traffic demand in the area, and geometric constraints. The design will address all removals, roadside protection, pavement markings and signage work for an expedited but safe closure of existing Cherry Street at Lake Shore Boulevard E and Villiers Street. Under a tight timeline, the TraffMobility team is working closely with Ellis Don, Waterfront Toronto, the City of Toronto to coordinate the staging design in an collaborative manner.

​TraffMobility brings depth and breadth of experience in traffic management planning & design, constructability reviews, and design coordination. We offer contextual and practical solutions.

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