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Town of Innisfil Transportation Master Plan

As a subconsultant, TraffMobility is responsible for the active transportation assessment for elevating the experience and comfort for pedestrians, cyclists, and transit riders to improve street connectivity and accessibility in the Town of Innisfil.



Town of Innisfil


Strategic Planning
Transportation Modelling


GIS-based Multimodal Assessment

By leveraging spatial analyses techniques in ArcGIS, connectivity analyses will be undertaken to evaluate the completeness and attractiveness of pedestrian, cyclist, and transit’s accessibility within the Town limits. The multimodal assessment will identify policies and strategies to support people walking and cycling to and from the stations, passenger pickup and drop-offs and travel between local communities. Furthermore, the results will allow the Town to address existing access-related challenges and to mitigate for first mile/last mile issues at the planned Innisfil GO Rail station located in the Orbit community.

Safety Analysis and Collision Dashboard

TraffMobility is also leading the safety analysis for this study, where safety analysis for the study, where we have developed a Safety Analytics Dashboard using PowerBI and GIS to present collision trends and patterns, with a focus on vulnerable road users. Using our in-house GIS data collection application, our team has conducted site visits to assess sidewalk conditions and assisted with sidewalk asset management. Map driven form was integrated into our data collection application with a geo-referenced photo inventory.

Micro-simulation Modelling

TraffMobility is also leading the microsimulation component of the study. The microsimulation model focuses on supporting the proposed 6th Line Interchange at Highway 400 and its effect on the adjacent road network. Using, Aimsun Next software, our team will be calibrating a microsimulation model to assess future scenarios. The model will be developed to meet the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO)’s modelling standards.

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