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Owen Sound Transit Route Optimization Study

TraffMobility provided key support to the City’s five-year Transit Implementation Plan accompanied by a comprehensive monitoring program.

As a subconsultant to Dennis Fletcher & Associates, TraffMobility provided technical support to the City of Owen Sound's Transit Optimization Study.



City of Owen Sound


Transit Planning
Transit Feasibility Studies


Transit Planning
Transit Operations Review
Transit Policy Planning
GIS Analysis
Transit Service Assessment
Public & Stakeholder Engagement

We provided technical support to the following scopes:

Addressing transit integration with the active transportation network;

  • Conduct service assessment using GIS analytics and visualization techniques

  • Provide technical support to stakeholder engagement activities;

  • Development and evaluation of transit delivery model and alternatives; and

  • Preparation of a Five-Year Transit Plan and monitoring program.

The system performance review is comprised of three activities:

  • Network assessment: Explore service, demographic and socioeconomic characteristics of the service areas, travel times and network connections, and comparison of key travel times by transit versus auto.

  • ​​Service Assessment: examining ridership levels and patterns, service reliability, service frequency and span by location and key performance indicators (KPIs). Specific KPIs are benchmarked to similar and nearby systems in Ontario.

  • System Assessment: To review fleet and infrastructure elements, including bus stops and the transit terminal, transit fleet, and network connections with active transportation elements (sidewalks and trails). This review focuses on the accessibility, quality and condition of the infrastructure elements

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