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Multi-modal Traffic Management Study

As part of the KQQR construction staging, the City requires traffic management plans to be developed for three construction stages, to minimize overall traffic impacts and address the needs of all types of road users.



Sanscon Construction/City of Toronto


Traffic Management


Traffic Management
Traffic Management Plans
Construction Staging Management
Road Safety
Multi-modal Assessment
Public and Stakeholder Consultation

A systematic approach is being undertaken to develop context sensitive traffic management solutions for the Focus and Wider Areas. TraffMobility is working closely with the City, contractor, work zone coordinators and adjacent property owners to develop comprehensive mobility management solutions to address impacts related to traffic diversion, delivery / loading accesses, active transportation, on-street parking, and temporary transit routing. Rudy managed the development of traffic management plans which included traffic operations reviews, spatial analysis, multi-modal network assessment, swept path analysis, and a comprehensive signage plan for the wider and focus study areas.

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