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Estimated Travel Time Tool

The Estimated Travel Time Tool (ET3) is one of our first idea lab products. ET3 is a web-based application that estimates changes in travel times resulting from reduced speed limits on selected roads.



City of Waterloo


Web Tool Development


Web Tool Development
Advanced Analytics

The CiET3 Suite also offers expansion modules that add performance indicators for measuring GHG emission and safety index, as well as a user feedback function.

Prior to the deployment of ET3, we set up a consultation with the client to determine the appropriate functions required as well as add-on services that help cities customize speed-limit policies and policy analytics.

Key ET3 features include:

  • Scenario Comparison

  • Speed limit selection

  • Multiple policy analysis

  • Transportation Health and Safety Indices

City of Waterloo is our current client who is deploying the ET3 app. Other municipalities have been showing interest in a similar product to support their Vision Zero program. Contact us for details today.

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