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Crowd Simulation

TraffMobility is comprised of renowned industry experts who specialize in pedestrian modelling and crowd movement analysis.


Our pedestrian modellers have completed mid- to large- scale studies in Canada, the United States, and Qatar. We have global experience in crowd simulation for special events, transit facilities, and emergency evacuation. 

We provide pedestrian modelling services for a wide range of projects, including:

  • Above-Grade and Subsurface Transit Station Designs (Ultimate Build-out and Interim Conditions) 

  • Transport Strategy Planning for Special Events (e.g. Sports Games, Festivals, Vaccination Program)

  • Fare Collection Equipment Needs and Implementation Strategies

  • Emergency Egress Requirements

  • Evacuation Modelling for Buildings and Transit Facilities

  • Airport Operations and Management

  • Social Distancing Level of Service Analyses

  • Vaccination Program Optimization

  • Mobility Interventions Evaluation

  • Pedestrian and Traffic Management Plans

We are well-versed in industry's leading crowd simulation software packages including Legion, Viswalk, and MassMotion.

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