TraffMobility is comprised of renowned industry experts who specialize in pedestrian modelling and crowd movement analysis.


Our pedestrian modellers have completed mid- to large- scale studies in North America, including transit station design (subway and LRT), game venue transport strategy planning (special events, world cup stadium), faregate implementation and architectural building design.

Our team has performed both static and dynamic modelling for a wide range of projects, including:

  • Above-Grade and Subsurface Transit Station Designs (Ultimate Build-out and Interim Conditions) 

  • Pedestrian Transport Strategy for Games Events 

  • Special Events

  • Fare Collection Equipment Needs and Implementation Strategies

  • Emergency Egress/Evacuation Scenarios for Buildings and Transit Stations

We are well-versed in industry's leading crowd simulation software packages including Legion, Viswalk and MassMotion.


Crowd Simulation